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If confronted, the jaguar will often choose to run because it is not a rival to the lion. An adult leopard also weighs only about 80-120 kg. While the lioness weighs twice as much as the leopard. Moreover, lions often hunt in groups, so it completely outnumbers leopards.

Asiatic Lioness v Persian Leopard - Page 8 - Carnivora

In this clip, the leopard fights 4 lions. The group of 4 lions were on patrol when they encountered a carcass of prey, perhaps because the leopard had just caught it before eating the meat. Seeing 4 lions eating the fruits of their labor, the leopard got angry and decided to share.

Asiatic Lioness v Persian Leopard - Page 8 - Carnivora

The fight broke out and the leopard was quickly attacked by the lion. Leopards can lie on their backs defensively because then they don’t have to worry about being bitten on the back of their neck and their front legs can hug the neck. A lion trying to fight off the leopard was paid off with a nosebleed slap.

Asiatic Lioness v Persian Leopard - Page 7 - Carnivora

Leopard fights with 4 lions. But in the end, the leopard was weak and surrounded by lions. The leopard had to lie still, pretending to be seriously injured, waiting for the lion to make an opening, then suddenly got up and ran away.

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